This innovation in lighting has the potential to help people with a vast array of health issues. We have a neurological mechanism called a Circadian clock, which is activated by the rods and cones in our eyes. Not only do these help us to see color and depth but they are instrumental is helping to regulate biorhythms that control everything from sleep, weight gain thru effecting Cortisol levels,to even helping with depression and other mental health issues. Through its smart design, these lights can detect when a person is present in the room and can even serve as a security feature in the home via smart phone connection and can be integrated into your homes security system . The lamps themselves are stylish and can be easily included into any home design.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Proper lighting is part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • 2Dynamic lighting changes like the lighting outdoors mimicking nature. Wifi capabilities syncs your lifestyle behaviors.
  • 3Receptors in the eyes tell the body which hormones to use. The hormone melatonin is produced for sleep inducing and cortisol produced on sunny days for energy.

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