What is Fatigue and How to Combat It

What is Fatigue and How to Combat It

Everyone struggles with being overtired or overworked. There are instances of temporary fatigue and these have identifiable causes.   There is also chronic fatigue that lasts longer and is more health-alarming. Chronic fatigue is a constant state of weariness that creeps up over time and takes away your mental capacity and energy. If you are constantly fatigued, you will find your psychological and emotional wellbeing is also impacted.

Fatigue is not sleepiness. You will want to sleep, but you also experience a lack of motivation for any activity that you normally do. If you are fatigued you can also be exhausted, tired, languid or listless. Fatigue can have physical or mental causes. Physical fatigue is the inability of a muscle to maintain optimal performance. Mental fatigue causes a decrease in cognitive performance. If you are fatigued you can be diagnosed as somnolent, lethargic or have directed attention fatigue.

Fatigue can be a symptom of an underlying medical issue and you may need medical treatments.   Simple fatigue can also be traced to your everyday habits; or lack of habits.

Causes of Fatigue

Obvious causes of fatigue include:

Medications including antihistamines, cough medicines and cold remedies.

Unhealthy eating habits

Lack of sleep is a treatable condition related to fatigue. Disrupted sleep is a definite contributor to fatigue and a diagnostic evaluation always considers the quality of sleep plus the emotional state of the patient, sleep patterns and stress levels. To rule out a sleep disorder, a sleep study may be necessary.

Inactivity or just sitting and doing nothing can cause fatigue. It is important to get a minimal amount of physical exercise every day. If you do not exercise or simply move, your fatigue levels are highly increased. Lack of movement and or exercise also contributes to poor healing of underlying conditions.

Caffeine use is recognized as a morning pick-up and an afternoon jolt. Caffeine improves attention and focus, but caffeine is detrimental in the hours after caffeine is finished coursing through the bloodstream. To find balance and get rid of fatigue you end up consuming more and more caffeine to get that push through the day. Caffeine has a tendency to reduce natural vitamins and nutrients so eating a healthy meal with caffeine consumption can help balance your body and prevent fatigue.

Alcohol or abuse causes severe fatigue. If you are a heavy drinker your exhaustion and fatigue can be due to alcohol withdrawal. The heavier a person drinks the