How to Make Your Mornings Easier If You’re a Night Owl

Waking up and dragging yourself out of bed is no easy feat for the average person, but, for a night owl, every morning can turn into an epic battle between your alarm clock and your brain’s insistence on just five more minutes. If you’re one of those people who functions best at night but can hardly function in the morning, then here are three tips that can help make your mornings a whole lot easier:

1) Prepare everything the night before

If you are way more mentally and physically alert at night than in the mornings, then you can put that energy to good use by getting everything for the morning ready the night before. Set aside the time at night to prepare your breakfast and maybe even your lunch for the next day. You can also plan out the outfits that you will be wearing and lay them out so that you can hop into them as soon as you wake up or after you shower.

2) Stop snoozing your alarm

Snoozing your alarm is a terrible habit that is easy to fall into and very difficult to break. It makes it much harder to wake up in the morning and leaves you feeling a lot groggier when you finally do. Do yourself a favor and get into the habit of waking up on your first alarm. If you must, you can try leaving your phone or whatever device it is that wakes you up in the morning on the other side of the room so that you have to get out of bed to shut it off.

3) Keep your morning routine strict and simple

Finally, one of the best ways to make your mornings easier is to stick to a strict and simple routine. Make sure that you know exactly what you should be doing at every moment, such as when you should be showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc. This will help to keep you on time, motivated, and, most importantly, from crawling back into bed and falling asleep.

You may never grow to love mornings as much as some of your early bird friends and family, and that’s alright because being a night owl comes with its own advantages. Nevertheless, keeping the above advice in mind can at least help you carry some of your nighttime energy and productivity over to your mornings, giving you an easier start to the day.


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