Poor Sleep In Preschool Years Could Mean Behavior Troubles Later

A study has shown that children that are preschool age that do not get enough sleep have a higher chance of having issues with attention, maintaining their emotions, and interpreting information later in their life. Usually, after reaching 7 years old, these children had severely reduced brain and emotional control compared to other peers of the same age that had sufficient sleep.

These results were determined through a long term study about several children that were selected for this research before they were born. The recommended amount of sleep per person greatly differs according to age. Younger children need a lot more sleep than kids who are older. Sleep is critical for brains to function well. There is further evidence that sleep is crucial in the brains of kids who are still developing.

Children who don’t sleep enough could have reduced amount of brain plasticity. Brain plasticity can be defined at the capability to adapt to different environments and stimuli.

In response to these new studies about lack of sleep affecting children’s development, there are several things parents can do. Parents can assist in their children getting better sleep by developing a consistent sleeping routine that helps them get ready to be sleepy. Regardless of the routine selected, parents must make sure the routine is as constant and consistent as possible.

Key Points:

  • 1Kids 3 to 4 years old need 11 hours of sleep each day.
  • 2Sleep is important for good brain function.
  • 3Sleep deprivation has been shown to affect reasoning and emotional control.

In general, kids 3 to 4 years old need 11 hours of sleep each day, Taveras said.

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