What Age are You Telling You?

What Age are You Telling You?

Hey You,

One of the most powerful things we have as humans is our subconscious.  .  .  and our reticulating activating system (RAS) that governs what our subconscious pays attention to.  .  .  I just sat down with a friend that has a great life hack.

He is 47 going on 32 and he looks 32 rather than 47.  .  .  He has made part of his internal programming he tells himself he is 32, the ideal age he would like to stay.

He does this in his daily dialogue and self talk.   He is giving his RAS a clear goal to focus on, build as his core beliefs and then uses the rest of his subconscious to achieve this reality.

What Age are you telling you?  If you tell yourself older then you will start to feel old and bring about what feeling old looks like and consummate the behavior and aches and pains that go along with feeling and being older.

This simple hack allows him to look and feel younger.  .  .  That was enough for me.

Now 45 going on 32.

Anybody with me?

Tony Scelzo

Health Hacker at HealthStatus
Tony Scelzo is the voice of HealthStatus and our blog You Matters.He is the author of Belay Your Day,a daily guide to Hack Life a