Why Goals?

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Did you ever pay attention how much successful people talk about Goals?  Why are Goals so Important?  Over the years of research in human psychology and or more to the point positive psychology.  


Here are three basic reasons that goals are important to human beings:


  1.  Focus:  Our conscious mines are distracted easily,  the parts of our brain that decides what information should get in needs guardrails of focus.  Today we have more distractions that ever.  .  .  and goals help us keep our mind in the guard rails of focus.


  1.  Intention:  The human being is the dominant creature on earth not because it is the strongest but because it is the most adaptable.  We are the only being that has been able to change our environment rather than just adapt to it.  We can will with our intention an environmental change in our surroundings.  This intention can be multiplied when shared with other to create movements, cities,  countries,  companies, inventions or new technologies.


  1.  Subconscious:  Our subconscious is the most powerful part of our brains and when we make goals we allow our subconscious to focus on it day in and day out coming up w/ ideas,  connections or breakthroughs miraculously in our sleep,  our random epiphanies or sudden bursts of brilliance.


These are simple ways that we can leverage our hidden power to executive at a high level when we set goals.



Tony Scelzo is the voice of HealthStatus and our blog You Matters. He is the author of Belay Your Day, a daily guide to Hack Life and The Ultimate Tech Start-Up Manual. He is business coach to over 150 businesses, a consultant and entrepreneur that has founded 4 businesses and been on 9 business teams. A self proclaimed self improvement junky, he has read over 500 books on the subject of mental health and personal wellness. Over the 10 years of training and coaching he has become obsessed with the simple ways to “hack” life for the good. Simple short-cuts to live better.

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