There are lots of dangerous chemicals in your home, and some should be avoided as much as possible to create a non-toxic environment. Some chemicals to avoid would be formaldehyde (found in nail polish and glue), chlorine bleach (like tile scrubbers and kitchen cleaners), benzene (found in coal and cigarette smoke), phthalates (which around found in plastic containers), and PCBs (commonly found in fish). Avoiding using these chemicals is a good start to making your home a non-toxic environment. However, there are additional steps you can take. You should try to filter your tap water and avoid drinking bottled water as much as possible. Always eat organic when possible to avoid pesticides. Also, avoid using fragrances when possible; you just never know where they come from. To add to that, try using less products when you can – skip the hairspray and makeup once in a while. You should also try to use a fluoride free toothpaste, especially for kids because it is toxic if swallowed. Do some home renovation like checking your carpeting, as some carpets contain formaldehyde, and getting rid of fluorescent lights that contain mercury. And last but not least, try to use green cleaning products whenever possible to avoid harsh chemicals.

Key Points:

  • 1There are a number of health damaging toxins that originate in our homes, including chemicals in household cleaners and tap water.
  • 2Search the EWG’s database for a good quality water filter in order to cleanse your tap water of contaminants.
  • 3Get rid of personal care products laced with artificial fragrances and make the switch to essential oils, which are a healthier, natural alternative.

From mattresses to household cleaners to the water coming out of our taps, there are countless sources for chemicals and toxins to make their way into our dens.


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