What Sleep Position is Healthiest?

Ahh, sleep. What a wonderful word! However if you are not sleeping in the best position, sleep can have a negative impact on your body. It might be hard to change sleep habits you have followed for years, but if your current position is hindering your health, you might need to change.

The healthiest position is the one that allows you to sleep soundly through the night. Whatever position you prefer, there are tips and tricks you can use for a healthier good night’s sleep.

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper you are balancing out your body weight. Internal organs are aligned and you probably don” â„¢t have neck and back pain. Keep a pillow under your knees to maintain the alignment of your back.

Sleeping on your back is not common even though it is the healthiest way to sleep. Your spine is relaxing in its most natural alignment and your organs are able to breathe and expand. You may find that lying on your back, however, puts pressure on your hips. You can place a pillow beneath your legs and keep them slightly bend. This will help with the hip pain.

If you are a snorer, sleeping on your back will make it worse. This can cause breathing issues and angry words with your partner.

Side Sleepers

Many people love to lie on their sides in the fetal position. This means your knees are bent. Place a pillow between your legs. This will take the stress off your back. Use pillows to keep your head in a neutral position. You don” â„¢t want your head to drop and cause an issue with your posture. Try sleeping on your left side to reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

Some experts say to sleep on your left side, and there are sleep experts who ask you to try and avoid sleeping on your left side. Although it help with heartburn, lying on your left side causes your liver and lungs to become constricted. You can always sleep on your right side to allow your spine to relax in its natural curvatures. Do keep a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure on your knees and to prevent your hips from rotating.

There are very few bad habits to break if you are a side sleeper. You are following the natural curvature of your spine and going back to your pre-birth habits.

Stomach sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach to relieve lower back pain you are taking the pressure off your disc spaces. Falling asleep on your stomach is wonderful especially if you use quite a number of pillows.

Yet, stomach sleeping carries the most risk. You are flattening the natural curve in your back and if you keep your head turned to one side all night you are distorting the alignment of you neck. Stomach sleepers place pressure on nerves and the result is the pins and needles you feel when you wake up.

Sleeping on your stomach can exasperate symptoms of acid reflux. You are putting undue pressure on our stomach and forcing acid up through your throat. If you must sleep on your stomach, try placing a pillow under one side of your pelvis. This will ” “trick”  your spine into thinking you are sleeping on your side and may relieve some of the pressure you are putting on your organs.

Discuss your sleeping patterns with a professional sleep researcher and your doctor. They can guide you in sleep patterns that are best for your health and wellbeing. Rule of thumb: whatever position you choose, make sure you get the best and deepest sleep possible.


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