Top Health Benefits Of Orthopedic Mattresses

Top Health Benefits Of Orthopedic Mattresses

Getting to your early 30s or 40s means experiencing lots of pains. Although not for everyone, most people become prone to different types of pains such as muscle pains, back pains, arthritis pains or shoulder pains as they age. When you visit your physician, you’ll be recommended to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and above all, sleep on an orthopedic mattress.

Now, according to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, over 90% of sleepers confessed that they felt more comfortable when sleeping on an orthopedic mattress. But, what exactly is an orthopedic mattress and how can it promote a healthy sleep?


What is an orthopedic mattress?


Just as the name suggests, an orthopedic mattress is a firm bedding that’s made with a grooved surface to provide additional cushioning enough to support your aching joints, bones, and muscles. These mattresses are usually designed with springs and special foam that make them firm enough to resist unnecessary bends when pressure is applied.


How do these mattresses work?


Orthopedic mattresses lie somewhere between memory foam and latex mattresses. On one side, they conform to your body shape when sleeping and on the other; they’re firmer thus offering immense support to your body.

When sleeping on a normal memory foam mattress, your body is likely to sink/curve leading to more pain. But with an orthopedic mattress, the hardness of the surface will prevent your spine from sinking thus preventing you from feeling any pain.

So, since orthopedic mattresses have that distinctive characteristic of being firm, doctors have continually been advising their patients to rest on orthopedic mattresses after surgeries or when hospitalized for a long time due to fractured bones.


So, what are some critical health benefits of orthopedic mattresses?


With an attitude of positivity, let’s now discuss several benefits of orthopedic mattresses and how they can potentially change our lives.

Advanced sleep support

The first and obvious benefit of orthopedic mattresses is the high level of orthopedic support they offer to your body. Unlike ordinary mattresses, orthopedic mattresses are designed with supportive foam that supports the contours of your body to support your spine when sleeping.

To make the mattress much firmer, most manufacturers have moved on to combine the high-density memory foam technology with a multi-zone topper made of Orthofirm. With such a combination, your orthopedic mattress will help to maintain spinal alignment reducing the sinking feeling you usually experience when sleeping on an ordinary mattress.

Relieves body pains

If you sleep on an ordinary mattress for 8 hours a night, chances are that you’ll generally experience some pains on your spine and lower back due to undue strain. Sleeping on an orthopedic mattress is the best bet as these beddings are designed with firm surfaces that help to alleviate such pains.

Patients who have undergone surgeries, joint fractures, arthritis, muscle pains, and