7 Essential Oils For Acne I’ve Found Work Amazingly Well My Skin — PHOTOS

These are the 7 Oils that will change your life completely. If you have problems with acne you should continue reading this because i can gaurantee you it will make a huge change. The first one is Helichrysum it has ingredients that cures blemishes it also heals and soothes acne scares without drying your skin The second one is cypress oil it removes oil build up from your skin The third one is Lavender it is a wound healer and cure spots on pimples The fourth one is ylang ylang it is used to cure acne that is caused from stress The fifth is bergamot it is a natural cleansing oil that cures acne scares and takes care of your clogged pores The sixth is Lavender Tea tree if you have sensitive skin this is the go to oil it is used for acne and cysts The final one is geranium it is used to take out acne before it starts.

Key Points:

  • 1Essential oils can be used to treat acne effectively.
  • 2Some essential oils can be drying or irritating, so small tests are helpful.
  • 3Different oils work for various issues and have different impacts.

The next time you’re perusing the shelves for a natural acne product that actually works, look for these key essential oils in the ingredients.

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