This Acne Treatment Hack Is Already in Your Medicine Cabinet

This Acne Treatment Hack Is Already in Your Medicine Cabinet

I am not a woman who was ever overly obsessed about acne. To be completely honest though, I never had much and to worry about. As our private lives are now mostly public, (and everyone carries a smartphone with instant capacity to not only take unflattering pictures, but to post them online as well) I can see this could be a bigger deal now than a decade ago. If you have ever used blister bandages you may already have what you need in your medicine cabinet.

Key Points:

  • 1Hydrocolloids are a special type of bandages that absorb excess fluid, like oil and pus, which can speed healing time.
  • 2The rubbery, translucent bandages are frequently sold for blister healing, although they’re also used by medical professionals for more serious injuries, like pressure ulcers.
  • 3While the specially made hydrocolloid acne dots can run up to $30 for a couple dozen single-use dots, a pack of full-size hydrocolloid bandages (which can then be cut into dozens of smaller segments) typically costs around $8.

It was all thanks to the hydrocolloid that the stickers are made of, our experts told us, which got us to thinking: Could there be an even cheaper alternative to those perfect little patches, perhaps something that’s already sitting in our medicine cabinet?

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