What is Hereditary Hair Loss?

This is an article from the Miami Hair Transplant Institute describing what hereditary hair loss is and possible solutions for the issue. Hereditary hair loss is when a person loses hair due to their genetics, and can start in a person’s 20s-30s. Unlike temporary stress-induced hair loss, hereditary hair loss is permanent. There are temporary […]

Why My Wife and I Decided to Immediately Tell Our Friends and Family She Was Pregnant

Pregnancy is an important time in a person, and a couple’s life. It can be very exciting, and often times couples want to tell their friends and families right away. They do not want to keep the secret, wanting to share their joy with the world. Often times though, a pregnancy does not make it […]

New Study Claims Tylenol During Pregnancy Is Unsafe, But There’s More to the Story

This article is a brief overview of a mom who discovered a new study of links between acetaminophen taken during pregnancy and hyperactivity in children. The mother feels guilt, grief, and is upset that she had taken that medication throughout her pregnancy. After further research she discovers that the study the doctor released may not […]

The Bright Side of Your First Postpartum

One might argue that the easiest part of having a child, is giving birth. We moms wait 9 long, sometimes miserable months to meet our bundle of joy. When our first child is born, the world is new again, a new chapter has begun. This time with our baby is wonderful but also very challenging. It […]

10 More Great Sites To Find Gigs And Part-Time Work

Looking for freelance work? Looking for a part time gig, or somewhere to sell your skill set? Forbes new and updated article will help you out! It’s time to get selling! It’s hard out there. Everyone seems to be looking to pick up a little something on the side, and if you can, why not […]

13 Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms You Never Expect When You’re Expecting

Some of us have sixth sense and know we are pregnant with in the first few weeks. Others have a harder time. We all know the typical symptoms; being late, breast tenderness, morning sickness, and the list can go on. But what if there were hidden symptoms that you don’t factor in because it is […]

5 Ways To Beat The Heat And Fuel Up Your Fitness Routines

For Body-Armor-Line-Up-New-Packaging of you who love exercising outside, you should now that dehydration is the number one problem you are likely to face (especially in this hot weather). Drinking only water may not be enough. You’ll get a good pick-me-up with the right amount of salt you need whenever you’re active. The best thing about […]