Other Things Not To Say To A New Mom

Other Things Not To Say To A New Mom

Are you a new mom getting beat up by questions and advice from total strangers? Or do you know a new mom and want to say the right thing?

Don’t Say:   

Sleep when the baby sleeps….

Didn’t you want a natural childbirth?

Are you breast feeding?

Do you have him/her on a schedule?

You think this is bad….just wait….

Things to say:

Cutest baby ever! Let me see pictures.

I’m here to clean your house.

I’m here to let you shower.

I brought you dinner.

Not everything is rosy when you are a mom.  All mom’s make mistakes and every story and situation is unique.  Be a good friend and try and be helpful not full of unwanted advice.

Key Points:

  • 1New moms get a lot of unsolicited advice. Suddenly even the stranger in the grocery store knows how to raise your child better than you.
  • 2New moms do the best they can while also still taking care of the rest of the family.
  • 3New moms need positive feedback. If you want to help, drop off food, help with chores, provide a get away.

No matter what your birth story or experience….It’s YOURS.

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