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Henna Hair Dye – Is It Really The Best Natural Hair Dye?

Many women have turned to henna as a natural alternative to their chemical-loaded synthetic hair dyes in recent years. Aside from its staining abilities, henna is also an excellent conditioner for hair. Even with its oodles of benefits, people aren’t fully aware of how this herb can be used to change hair color. In this […]

Why Massaging Your Scalp Improve Your Hair Condition As You Age?

There’s no doubt that a scalp massage is the best part of our salon appointments. If you have experienced a scalp massage, you know how peaceful it can be. In addition to easing tension and stress, there are other benefits of scalp massages that will boost your hair condition as you age. Read on to […]

The Link Between Hair Loss And Low Self-Esteem (And How To Fix It)

The average person hates nothing more than the thought of losing their hair, and this applies to both men and women. The increasing popularity of male grooming in the 21st century means that the pressure is on to have a good head of hair, and there are bonus points for a beard. Women’s hair has […]

Does Plucking White Hair Causes More Hair Greying?

We age with time, but our hair does not. White hair has no precise age; you might get white hair in your teen-age years while your grandparent is still shining with his/her metallic black color hair. Younger or elder, if you have white hair then you are naturally inclined to pluck it out. For plucking […]

Basic Guide To Understanding Cranial Prosthesis

There are people who need more than what ordinary wigs can provide. Cranial wigs or cranial prosthesis is what those in the medical world would call it. This hair replacement aims not only at providing aesthetic value, but also boosts a person’s emotional and mental well-being.  

Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions, Doctor’s Answers

Most people afflicted with pattern baldness have no idea there’s an issue until a friend or family member points it out. After that, a kind of obsession takes hold, and questions begin to pour down like the rain. How much hair will I actually lose? How long will it take? Will I look like Wallace […]

Hair Loss

Hair Loss Discover Your Root Causes & Learn How to Heal Naturally

Thinning hair is the worst for women, but it is so common. In my family, every woman over the age…

9 Effective Ways To Maintain Healthy Hair

Approximately 30 million adult women in America were reported to experience hair loss and thinning. In fact, it was discovered that the  average person loses 50% of hair  before they start noticing hair loss. Hair is the crowning glory of a man or woman and just like the skin, it is a visual representation of […]

High-Tech Solutions To Male Hair Grooming Challenges

The health and beauty industry has boomed over the last decade or so, and a huge amount of this growth has been in the male grooming sector. Skincare and haircare are no longer the exclusive domains of female health and beauty products, as more and more men begin to take more care of their skin […]

The Beauty Of The Beard Straightener

A beard is a huge feature that is possessed by a man who can make his look if dealt with care and appropriate grooming or break it if left untouched. An individual must start maintaining and looking after his facial hair as soon as it starts growing because it is easier to guide and form […]