Laser Hair Removal For Asian And Arabic Skin Types

For women with darker and thicker hair, hair removal can be a lot more challenging and time consuming. You may have researched laser hair removal in the past and found it can be a lot more complicated for people with darker skin. The good news is that over the years laser hair removal has advanced dramatically, with clinics now offering gentle solutions for women with Asian, Arabic, and Black skin to remove their unwanted hair. The Laser Treatment Clinic, who provide skin care treatments specifically designed for darker skin tones, have provided some useful information on laser hair removal and how this can work for Asian and Arabic skin types.  


Gentle Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones  


First, to better understand why laser hair removal is more complicated on darker skin tones, it is best to explain how laser hair removal works.  

Targeting the melanin within the hair shafts, to destroy the follicle and prevent further growth, laser hair removal has always worked amazingly on women with lighter skin and darker hair, as the laser can target the hair specifically. However, for women with darker skin tones, the skin around the hair also has high levels of melanin, so in the past traditional lasers were causing burns and pigmentation to the surrounding skin as well as targeting the hair. This has led to many women with darker skin tones, understandably, choosing to avoid laser hair removal.  

Now, as lasers advance with modern technology, alternative laser treatments have been designed specifically to provide a gentler and safer approach to laser hair removal for women with darker skin tones. The latest generation of Diode / Yag lasers can be used to treat darker skin tones by ensuring that the light from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles rather than the surrounding skin.  Minimising the risks of skin damage, creating a relatively painless and long-lasting hair removal solution for darker skin tones.  


Finding The Right Clinic For Your Laser Hair Removal  


As a woman with darker skin, it is absolutely vital you take into consideration the clinic’s expertise and experience with treating Asian, Arabic, and Black skin. Here are some important points to check out before booking with your local laser hair removal clinic:  

  • Do they offer different laser treatments? — As previously mentioned, the traditional IPL lasers will not work on darker skin. So, it is best to ensure the clinic you are planning to visit offers either Diode or Yag laser hair removal.
  • Are they experienced? Clinics with experience treating darker skin are far more understanding of your requirements and will be able to tailor their treatment plans to your specific skin and hair type. It is always recommended to read the reviews from previous clients to understand whether the clinic has positive feedback.  
  • How many sessions will you need to attend to see your desired results? — With laser hair removal the number of sessions required will depend upon your individual skin type and hair type. Usually darker, thicker hair will demand several more sessions. Ensure the clinic you attend can tailor a plan to suit you.  


Opting for laser hair removal, as opposed to traditional hair removal methods will provide you longer-lasting, silky smooth skin, without the irritation of in-grown hairs and weekly re-growth.  




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