De-stress During Your Busy Week

De-stress During Your Busy Week

Stress is a natural part of life, it can be consuming and make our health deteriorate if not treated and handled. Stress can cause depression, increase blood pressure, and elevate your risk for heart problems. How can we handle stress before it becomes chronic and takes a toll on our health? Use these tricks to de-stress during your busy week and check out more health tips at HealthStatus.

1. Get Up!

From taking a ten-minute walk or using your lunch break to hit the gym, getting up and out of your chair is a great way to de-stress during any busy week. This will boost your endorphins and clear your mind, making your ready to get back to whatever task started to stress you out in the first place! Also, exercise is a great way to let off steam!

Also, step away from your screen! Continuous computer use can lead to loss of sleep and increased stress. Get up from your desk and move around throughout the day and you’ll come back feeling refreshed and open minded.

2. Snack…Healthily

Your diet can have a huge impact on your stress levels and the way your body works! When people are stressed, they tend to eat comfort foods, which can be high in calories and fat content. This can lead to weight gain, and even more stress! Slow down and think before you reach for that bag of chips or candy bar in the vending machine.

By choosing healthy foods that are filling, like a hard-boiled egg or a handful of nuts, you’re picking a healthy snack that will boost brain power and sooth stomach grumbles.

3. Crank Up The Tunes

By listening to your favorite music, increased levels of happy neurochemicals, like dopamine, will flood your brain flushing the stress away! Classical music, for examples, helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel less stressed out.

4. Set The Mood

Your workplace environment dictates your productivity and attitude during your day! Harsh lights increase eyestrain and can make you irritable. Set up soft, indirect lighting, buy a plant (they induce relaxation responses), and organize your desk. All of these things will create a relaxing and stress-free environment to boost productivity.

By proactively recognizing your stress signals, you can reduce your stress level dramatically. Use these tips and tricks to prevent stressing out and keep your body healthy!

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  1. julie grey Reply

    What if you dont have a desk job!!! My work as an accommodation assistant in a hotel is extremely physically demanding I get stressed out about finishing on time and am physically exhausted! I’m physically very fit from work but at 46 years old I wonder how longI can cocontinue!!

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