Sauna And Its Acne-Fighting Properties

Sauna And Its Acne-Fighting Properties

When you’re afraid or ashamed to show your face in public due to acne, you know how it feels to be ready to try anything to clear your skin up and eliminate the source of your anxiety. Acne is caused when your skin’s pores become clogged, which lets natural skin oils and the normal bacteria that live in and on our bodies, turn into the unsightly whiteheads that sufferers scramble to deal with. Most of us turn to all manner of scrubbing, or other cleansers, that we hope will keep our pores open so we don’t feel like hiding our faces.

The sauna can be the magic fix you’ve been combing the aisles at the drug store looking for. Sitting and soaking in the heated environment of a sauna encourages sweat, naturally enough. When you sweat, it helps reduce the oil in and on your skin as the sweat carries some of it away. The same sweat can change your skin’s pH levels in beneficial ways as well. Further, the sauna’s sweat helps moisturize your skin, again entirely naturally. It boosts your blood circulation, which can bolster your body’s ability to battle against the bacteria without the nasty whiteheads forming.

Some will disagree that all this sweating is good for your skin.  Because sweat can clog pores and cause breakouts.  However, intense sweating followed by a good wash will clean and clear pores improving your complexion.

You need to be healthy enough to handle some sauna time.  Do not sauna if you have a heart condition or have been consuming alcohol.

Combined, regular trip to the saunas can naturally and easily help your skin open up and avoid becoming clogged. It will leave you feeling, and looking, better.

Key Points:

  • 1Sweating diminishes breakouts, decreases oiliness and regulates pH levels.
  • 2Your skin actually hydrates when you sauna.
  • 3Intense sweating leads to improved blood circulation which reduces the risk of acne.

The high content of antimocrobial peptides in sweat serves as an excellent repellent of harmful germs. More concretely, the protein dermcidin which is also found in sweat, counteracts the activity of acne-causing germs.

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