Busting 3 Common Myths Surrounding Cannabis

As cannabis and marijuana start to shed the governmental restrictions that have plagued it for most of the twentieth century, there still exists a number of misconceptions or flat out wrong assumptions about it. While progress continues to be made in bring cannabis back into general use, these issues still swirl in some circles and are slowing that effort.

Primary among them is the confusion between hemp and marijuana. While they are often assumed to be the same, they, in fact, are different. Hemp is a plant that has a wide variety of industrial uses, and in many of them can be significantly better than cotton or even synthetic fibers. Marijuana is a plant in the same cannabis family as hemp, but unlike hemp, marijuana contains psychoactive compounds that produce the high. Simply put; marijuana is a herb with internal applications, while hemp is more utilitarian.

Another issue that arises is that cannabis compounds are useful only for relieving pain. Medical research shows cannabis use can treat more than pain, either temporary or chronic. People suffering from mood or memory issues can benefit from using it, as can those who face digestive or appetite problems. It can even ease a user into easier sleep without the side effects modern sleep aids tend to have.

Key Points:

  • 1There are a lot of myths that surround Cannabis use among many people. The drug does give people a “high” feeling that should be researched.
  • 2Cannabis features various degrees of THC levels over time for people using it. That psychoactive ingredient has been researched and even duplicated by certain labs out there.
  • 3Myths about Cannabis are fairly common for those in the know as well. Dispel these myths and come to recognize the problems associated with Cannabis itself.

Cannabis has varying degrees of THC levels, whereas hemp consistently contains very low levels of THC — the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana associated with the “high” feeling

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