Breaking News: Eating Pasta Won’t Make You Fat, Study Says

Breaking News: Eating Pasta Won’t Make You Fat, Study Says

The wheel of dietary science seems to never stop turning. Carbohydrates are on the downturn at the moment, but at least there’s some medical research behind it to lend credence to the change in thinking. A formal study in Canada with about twenty-five hundred participants organized them into various research groups, looking at their health results depending on what each group ate. One of the things the researchers were studying is the results of maintaining a low glycemic index diet.

Many modern processed carbs, such as those from white flower, are absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream as the digestive process moves forward. This inevitably results in a spike of blood sugar after such meals, particularly if a large number of these high glycemic carbs were consumed.

Low glycemic carbohydrate sources, such as fruits and vegetables, some kinds of dairy, and whole grains, plus pasta, are processed into the body more slowly. There’s not a big sugar rush as the carbs are converted into sugars and absorbed into the blood as energy.

The Toronto researchers found pasta did not correlate to a gain in weight or body fat. Their data actually showed a small weight loss. This is good news for people struggling to reconfigure their diets as carbohydrates are recognized to be, in many ways, not very dissimilar from just eating pure sugar.

Key Points:

  • 1Pasta, contrary to popular belief, is a low-glycemic, healthy carbohydrate.
  • 2Research studies show that pasta intake is not directly related to weight gain.
  • 3Pasta lovers can feed their need without blowing their diet.

Other low-GI foods include wholegrain bread, oats, apples, apricots, oranges, yoghurt, milk, dried beans and lentils.

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