Aquagenic Urticaria – Hives Caused By Water

Uncommon Allergy Symptoms

What Makes Our Sinuses Uncomfortable?

We all have those times where our nose is itchy and uncomfortable or where our sinuses feel dry and irritable. These kinds of discomfort are very common, but do you know what causes them?

Do You Need To Visit An ENT Specialist? Here’s What To LooK For

Ear, nose and throat specialists diagnose and treat conditions related to those same body parts. They can perform routine checkups to make sure everything is working properly. They can also catch health problems early and advise about any changes that need to be made.

Humidity Does Affect Your Health

Why Do We Have Allergies? 5 Common Causes

More than 50 million adult Americans experience some form of allergy each year. But why do we have allergies in the first place? And what causes them?

7 Common Allergy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

It’s allergy season again, and while it affects us all, some people are more sensitive and have specific allergies which others don’t experience routinely. As we all gear up to face this interesting season heads on, here is a list of 10 common allergy symptoms which you shouldn’t ignore:

Childhood Asthma

Asthma in children can be very hard to diagnose, or even determine if a child has asthma.  Asthma though is the leading cause of chronic illness in children.. It cannot be cured, but it can be controlled.  The goal for kids with asthma is to control their symptoms for a normal life. Seven million children […]

People with Allergies Often Leave Life-Saving Epinephrine at Home

Serious allergic reactions can be life threatening, often impacting a patient so quickly even an ambulance might not be able to arrive quickly enough to keep them from suffering injury or even death. Yet despite this, medical studies show only about half of all such patients who have received epinephrine auto-injectors keep the life saving […]

increasing food allergy

Scientists Devise New, More Accurate Peanut Allergy Test

Peanut allergies are a serious problem, with almost every one out of 55 people suffering from the potentially fatal allergy. There have been blood tests around for a long time that can check for a peanut allergy, but they have been inaccurate at best, often giving false positives because the test cannot differentiate between a […]