Omron HBF 400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

Omron Body Fat Monitor Model: HBF-400Omron developed optimal algorism through hundreds of data collection to provide better accuracy than other scale manufactures.This body fat monitor with scale is designed for family use with large display and 4 persons profile memory.It provide weight up to 330 lb, % body fat with 0.1% increments, BMI with previous reading.Chrome metallic giving upgraded image in bathroom.Bio impedance method:Body fat and muscle tissue have different levels of electrical conductivity. The Fat Loss monitor with Scale sends a safe, low-level electrical current through your body to calculate the amount of body fat tissue. This is known as the Bio-Impedance method.DXA and MRI have been the established method for accurate evaluation of body composition. Omron conducted the data collection from several hundreds people that reflects US population to develop the optimal algorithm. Even it takes long time and requires huge investment, quality/quantity of data collection is directly related to accuracy level.Only Omron is collecting MRI data for better accuracy. Many other body fat monitors are probably using poor equation w/o collecting enough actual data.Pharmacy customers, diabetes patients prefer to purchase body fat monitor designed by healthcare company Specification Body fat % (0.1 % increments)Weight capacity up to 330 lb (0.2 lb increments)Body Mass Index (BMI)2″ extra large display4 person profile memory plus guest modeDisplays previous reading % Body fat /BMI level indicationUp-graded Chrome Metallic finish1 year warranty


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