Two Thirds Of Cancers Are Unavoidable Even If You Live A Healthy Life, Study Finds

Cancer is a ugly beast and a John Hopkins study has shown that cancer can happen to anybody at any time.Even with living a great and healthy life research shows that cancer shows no favorites and can mutate pretty much at random. Since cancer can mutate at random even with living a healthy lifestyle it shows us all just how much early detection can go into defeating cancer and stopping it at it’s core.  Although some cancer is not avoidable there are steps that we can take to reduce are risk and educate ourselves on the type of risk that we may face. Family genetics also play a major part in whether or not we will develop or be at risk for cancer. This gives us a head start as we can begin consulting with our doctor’s on the potential risk and what will be the best course of action for prevention of  cancer. With ongoing research and technology I believe that one day we will be able to treat cancer just as we treat the common cold. With the type of research and studies being done at John Hopkins and other hospitals and universities it gives us hope that the future will be bright future for all cancer patients.

Key Points:

  • 1Two-thirds of cancers happen because of random gene mutations, not inherited genetics.
  • 2Cancer is caused by a mix of genetics, environment, and random mutations.
  • 3Some cancers are linked more closely to environmental factors than others.

The discovery helps explain why cancer often strikes people who follow all the rules of healthy living and have no family history of the disease.

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