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Neutrophil – Tracking Your Health With White Blood Cells

Recent Developments In Cancer Therapy Are Good News For Patients And Their Families

Few are the diseases which humanity has had a harder time fighting than cancer. It is estimated that globally, approximately 10 million people have died from cancer or cancer-related issues in 2020 alone. Science is still far from having the upper hand in the battle against the disease, as even defining its characteristics is nearly […]

What Is Immunotherapy And How Can It Help Treat Cancer?

Immunotherapy, also called biologic therapy, can completely change the way doctors fight cancer cells in the body. Whereas chemotherapy can come with lifelong effects on the immune system and organs, immunotherapy is seen as a safer option that can extend your years longer than almost any other treatment. Let’s take a closer look at how […]

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment With Precision Medicine Available In 2021

Healthcare professionals research better ways to treat cancer and mitigating risks that allow cancer cells to spread through the body. New testing and assessments could provide necessary profiles for tumors and cancer cells. Oncology could change dramatically by following these new strategies and giving patients a new outlook on their prognosis. Genomic testing and mapping […]

Common Breast Problems And What To Do About Them

Often, the thought of something being off with one’s breast leads to the panicky fear of breast cancer. Fortunately, despite its prevalence, very few breast problems end up being that.

What Are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

Sometimes, changes to your body can make you concerned for your health. As a man, one of the most worrying conditions is prostate cancer, because it affects males worldwide. By maintaining the organ, you can rest easy at night knowing your health is in tip-top condition.

Chemoembolization For Liver Cancer

Medicine is constantly evolving and introducing high-tech methods of treating cancer pathologies. One of them is chemoembolization.  

Neuroendocrine Cancer

Are Cell Phones Harmful? How To Manage The Use Of Gadgets

There’s an ongoing debate on whether gadgets such as cell phones are safe. Screen time for children is believed to affect their mental wellness and learning abilities. On the other hand, the radiation exposure to adults has been linked to illnesses such as cancer. Whether one agrees with these ongoing claims or not, the fact […]

How Often Should You Get A Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure designed to find abnormalities in the colon or large intestine of a patient. The procedure itself involves a narrow, flexible tube with an attached camera being lowered into your bowels, and is primarily used to test for colorectal cancer. Although understanding what the procedure is designed to do is […]