Are Cell Phones Harmful? How To Manage The Use Of Gadgets

There’s an ongoing debate on whether gadgets such as cell phones are safe. Screen time for children is believed to affect their mental wellness and learning abilities. On the other hand, the radiation exposure to adults has been linked to illnesses such as cancer. Whether one agrees with these ongoing claims or not, the fact remains that gadgets such as cell phones emit electromagnetic fields. Since the presence of EMF is not debatable, let’s take a closer look at whether cell phones are harmful and how one can manage the use of gadgets.



Electromagnetic fields are energy transmissions emitted by gadgets. There are two types of energy levels on the electromagnetic spectrum. The first one is ionizing radiation, which comes in the form of ultraviolet light, radioactive elements, and X-rays. The high levels of energy here are harmful, which is why, for example, a pregnant woman is not supposed to have an X-ray taken as this can compromise the health of the unborn baby.

The second type is non-ionizing radiation, which is low energy. This is found in your everyday electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, earphones, and television. The first type of EMF is harmful and the second one, though it emits low-energy frequencies, can also be harmful to your health. This is why investing in gadgets that provide EMF protection is advised to lower the risk of EMF exposure.


EMF Health Risks

Your physical, mental, and emotional wellness is a priority. This is why limiting radiation exposure as much as possible is advised. The possible health risks of using gadgets without EMF protection may include birth defects in babies due to their exposure to high energy levels while in the womb. For men, high exposure can lead to infertility, low sperm count that lowers the possibility of being able to create a family, and low testosterone levels. Others have experienced nausea, fatigue, and headaches when exposed to high EMF levels through their everyday use of gadgets.

Now that we have an understanding of how dangerous EMF can be, whether in high or low levels, let’s take a look at how you can safely manage the use of gadgets.


How To Manage The Use Of Gadgets


  1. Use EMF Protection

Devices created to protect you from EMF exposure are important when using cell phones and other gadgets. Protection devices come in various forms for different gadgets such as laptop radiation shields, anti-radiation phone cases, and air pods.

You may not know it but the headaches you may experience could be connected to the laptop glare or the high volume from your earphones. However, you wouldn’t really know whether you might be suffering from symptoms of EMF radiation. This is why it’s important to use EMF protection products to lower the possible effects of radiation exposure.

The mobile connection that you depend on has several conveniences but can also be potentially harmful. For instance, 5G wireless networks may potentially emit harmful energy, though research on its risks to one’s health remain ongoing. However, using EMF protection against the radiation emitted can protect you even while the research remains inconclusive.

  1. Unplug

Regularly unplugging your electronic devices is another way of managing radiation. Unplugging means switching off your devices from their sockets. When you go to bed, you can unplug the television, the mobile charger, the laptop, and even the Wi-Fi router. This gives you a break from radiation transmission as you enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

  1. Limit Screen Time

In this modern era, people work from home, use gadgets to make multiple streams of income, and use cell phones to socialize and network. These are all important aspects of life, but a balance is needed. You can set aside time where you’re gadget-free and enjoy some leisure time without them. This can mean enjoying a hardcover book, a meal on your porch, or a one-on-one conversation with a neighbor that isn’t interrupted by the vibrating of a phone. You can download mobile apps that lock your phone for a certain period. This will minimize the temptation to endlessly scroll through your social media feeds.

  1. Practice Minimalism

The art of minimalism encourages having only what you require and excess belongings are either sold or given away. This principle can also be applied to your gadgets. Figure out how many gadgets you need to avoid having extra ones lying around and unnecessarily emitting radiation.

If you prefer to keep your gadgets but don’t wish to use them simultaneously, you can lock up the extra gadgets in a safe or a box. Only use those that you require to minimize radiation exposure.

  1. Go Through A Gadget Detox

You can go through a gadget detox by engaging in activities that don’t require any gadgets. This can be in the form of a camping trip wherein the only access you have to the outside world is through nature. Even if you can’t put aside a few days to take a break, you can do this once or twice a day.

If you work from home, you can set aside time where you leave your workspace and take a walk around the neighborhood, but make sure to leave your phone. If you’re working from an office space, consider having lunch on a park bench rather than on your desk in front of your laptop.



Nowadays, cell phones have become a necessity for you to go about your everyday life. However, EMF is dangerous and can lead to possible health conditions. These include infertility, low sperm count, low testosterone levels, and birth defects if an unborn child is exposed during pregnancy.

You can prevent radiation exposure by investing in EMF protection gadgets. By purchasing protection gadgets, you can safely use your devices throughout the day without having to worry about the amount of radiation you’re exposed to. In addition, you can unplug all your devices at the end of the day when you go to bed. Minimizing the number of devices will help in lowering radiation exposure, and so does taking an occasional break from all your gadgets.



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