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10 Healthy Eating Habits That You Should Know

Following healthy eating habits can be a challenge, especially with the number of so-called healthy foods and diets out there that really don’t take healthy habits into consideration. Healthy eating should be part of a daily practice and there are beneficial eating habits that can be incorporated into an everyday regimen. Here are 10 that […]

Dental Sealants, Fillings & Crowns Explained

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up An Extreme Sport

Extreme sports have become commonplace. In fact, activities like mountain biking, skateboarding, and even snowboarding continue to attract bigger numbers every year. Simultaneously, a decline has been noted in other outdoor activities that are thought of as more traditional (like basketball or cricket). This is most likely connected to several factors, ranging from exhilarating adrenaline […]

5 Hobbies For A Healthy Mind

We all have hobbies, but more often than not we think of them as ways to have fun rather than ways to better ourselves. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this – we all need to have ways of enjoying ourselves! However, it’s also true that plenty of fairly popular hobbies can both help us have […]

Ways You Didn’t Know Certain Foods Affect Your Dental Health

Our teeth are vital to both self-confidence and overall health. In our efforts to maintain a healthy, vibrant smile, however, many of us neglect one of the most important parts of oral health: our diets.

Clean Home, Fit Body

Is Measles Making a Comeback?

Happy Health – Injecting Some Fun Into Your Fitness Regimen

The rise of structured fitness has taken the magic out of staying fit. Once upon a time, it was up to us to design a fitness regimen that made sense for our lifestyle and bodies. Here we explored all kinds of practices, gauging what works and what can be tweaked in future sessions. Then came […]

Man swimming under water

Can You Become Dehydrated While Swimming?

Pants Snug? Are You Feeling Bloated?