5 Ways To Beat The Heat And Fuel Up Your Fitness Routines

For Body-Armor-Line-Up-New-Packaging of you who love exercising outside, you should now that dehydration is the number one problem you are likely to face (especially in this hot weather). Drinking only water may not be enough. You’ll get a good pick-me-up with the right amount of salt you need whenever you’re active. The best thing about […]

The Secret Risks of Alcohol Consumption

Written by Amy Chang Since the beginning of time, alcohol consumption has been a part of our social human culture. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half the global population drinks alcohol. Most adult drinkers enjoy alcohol in moderation, with 10-15% being more chronic, heavy drinkers who are at risk of dangerous health implications. 

Are You Dieting Yourself Fat?

The most popular message we all get about weight loss from just about every source of information is that the way to lose weight is to diet. But what if this was not really the case? In fact, our bodies require calories to function. And if we provide fewer calories than it needs, the body […]

Cinnamon: A Super Spice

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest used spices having been utilized in culinary traditions of both the East and the West. Chances are you have cinnamon in your kitchen right now. You probably know about the warm and comforting taste, but you might not know about all of the health benefits that this versatile […]

How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

When we come home from work or from working out or just having a day out, we often go to the cabinet or fridge to get a snack. Well if we want to see our grandkids and be able to enjoy the golden years, we need to make good decisions when picking out those yummy […]

Tricks for Travelers Constipation

Human body’s are quirky, and more importantly, sensitive. Changes in environment, such as altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, or internal changes, activated by stress, all these things impact the marvelous mechanism, known as the human body. Stomachs, in particular, are highly reactive. In fact, gut reactions are no joke, particularly when they involve traveler’s constipation. Traveling […]

You Need Better Protein NOT More Protein

Protein is an essential component of good health. However, there are a number of misconceptions about how much and what kind of protein we should consume. More protein isn’t always better. Instead, we should focus on consuming good protein at regular intervals throughout the day. People should eat about 1g protein / kg of body […]

Coconut: A Good Fat!

Coconuts have many uses, all seemingly healthy and good for you. First, the water inside a coconut is filled with electrolytes helping replenish the body after a vigorous workout. Also, eating a coconut gives you energy from the medium chain fatty acids that metabolize and convert to energy quickly. Many people also use coconut as […]

I Plan, Therefore I Am

To become who we want to be, whether it’s thinner, richer, or happier, sooner or later, we realize we must plan. Planning can, of course, take many forms. However, there are some underlying components essential to almost all variations. There is the need to see what it is you are currently doing. For example a […]

Feeling Blah? Here’s How to Hit the Reset Button

If you are feeling “blah” and can’t shake that feeling, your best way to kick that feeling is to engage in a detox. A detox is the perfect way to reset your food habits, often in the summer too many times do we let ourselves go with all of the good food and barbeques that […]