Boost Your Mood With These Five Foods

Feeling a little low?  Many people turn to food to make them feel better, but ultimately eat junk and fatty foods, which makes them feel even worse. Turning your eating habits around when you’re stressed out or depressed can not only make you feel better, but it can make you look better too! Who doesn’t want that? Here are some healthy foods to put you in a better mood.

1. Chocolate

This is our favorite thing to reach for when we’re stressed out or in a bad mood, but now there’s some science behind our cravings. A study conducted at Nestlé Research Center deduced that eating dark chocolate daily for two weeks actually reduced stress hormones by the antioxidants is the chocolate. Our next question is how we can sign up for the next study!

Although this doesn’t mean that we can start eating chocolate for every meal and expect to see weight loss! Eating a piece of good dark chocolate will boost your mood, so go for the good stuff instead of the powdery mix we loved as a kid.

2. Asparagus

This vegetable has two very valuable mood-boosting sources, tryptophan and folate. Both are necessary for producing neurotransmitters that affect your mood and behavior, low levels of both make you unhappy and irritable.

In layman’s terms, asparagus can make you feel better while giving you the nutrients you need for a healthier life!

3. Swiss Chard

Although this isn’t in many Americans diets today, it should be! Swiss chard contains high levels of magnesium, a necessary nutrient needed to boost brainpower and energy levels. This leafy green vegetable should be the next star of your pasta dish or omelet.

4. Fish

Eating salmon, tuna, trout, and muscles give us omega-3’s, a nutrient our bodies don’t produce on their own! Why is this so important? Omega-3’s affect our brain chemicals that deal with mood like serotonin and dopamine. Low levels of both can make us depressed and aggressive.

5. Coconut

This one is all about the scent! Smelling and being surrounded by the aroma of coconut can slow your heart rate, making you more relaxed. This scent can enhance alertness and sooth our stresses at the same time. Next time you’re feeling stressed, light your favorite coconut-scented candle.

While there are many more foods that boost and enhance your mood, adding these into your daily life will help you function better during a busy day!

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