Don’t Overlook These 3 Easy Ways To Slash Stress

What kind of plan are you making to reduce stress? Are you researching health spas, gyms, therapists, and expensive online programs? Have you had a hard time in the past making a commitment to slash stress in your life? For many people, the idea of reducing stress makes sense. But actually doing it can be a little more challenging. That’s all about to change.  

While there are an infinite array of things that could be causing and contributing to your stress, these 3 ways are all things you can do immediately. They are easy. They are free or very low cost. And they are entirely within your sphere of control to do. In other words, you don’t really have any reason not to put them into play.

With this in mind, let’s explore what these 3 methods to slash stress are and why you may have not noticed them in the past.


Use Occam’s Razor

Are you familiar with Occam’s Razor? It is an idea that a lot of professionals have come across to solve problems at work.   Yet, it often is not applied to daily life.  

Occam was a philosopher and after much examination and experience came up with the core concept of simplicity. His principle in plain English is this: simpler explanations are more likely to be correct.

It may not sound profound at first. But when you start to use Occam’s Razor, you’ll see that you save hours of time, energy, and money. You can use this to reduce the stress around making decisions.  

Let’s say you decide you want to work with a lifestyle coach to make significant changes and reduce your stress levels. Which one should you work with? Do you pick the coach that only sees people in person, and is way across town? Or do you pick the coach you can meet with virtually, who understands you have a hectic schedule?

Simple is right. You know which to choose. See how much easier that is?


Notice Worry and Take Action

We spend a lot of time examining threats and worrying about impossible situations that might happen. You may know this from your own life experience—especially in this last year. The collective anxiety, fear, and worry are still palpable for many people.  

However, there are some things that you worry about and can take action to resolve. These are the ones where you can make a difference. Often, the difference is easier, faster, and simpler than you might imagine.  

Let’s say you’ve been worrying about what would happen for your family should something unexpected happen to you. While you have planned as best you can, there are some things that are just out of your control.

No one likes thinking about this kind of thing. Which is why you may be up at midnight searching for buy term life insurance, or start an emergency fund. Or another topic that has you rattled and concerned.

This is not a bad thing. Except that you’re getting stressed, worried, and losing sleep. What’s the best solution? Take action. Cross an item that’s causing you concern off your list. Do one. Then do another. In a short time, you’ll build a sense of confidence in your ability to notice worry and take action.  

You won’t be languishing in a swamp of massive issues that you can’t really influence or control. Instead, you’ll be noticing what’s causing you concern, taking action, and reducing the pile of worry-causes. Bravo to you.


Experiment with Eating Times

I bet you’ve been hearing a lot about Intermittent Fasting, or IF as it is called for short. IF is a way of eating that is more focused on times of eating than on the content of the food eaten.

Simply, it means you’re shifting around your eating patterns to give your body a chance to rest. But there are some massive ways this reduces stress. It helps you have a binary answer of “yes, I’m eating now” or “no, I’m not eating now.” This is a remarkable relief if you’ve been struggling with unhealthy eating habits.    


Final Thoughts

What do you think about these ways to reduce stress? Are they things you could adapt to your lifestyle?  

No matter what you choose, there are ways to slash stress. So, keep at it and pick the things that help you the most.



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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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