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Achieving your goals is an important step toward forward progression in life.   A life without goals follows the precept that “He, who aims at nothing, hits it”.   Without goals or a desire to move in a forward direction life takes on a motion of its own.   Often that motion is stagnant or backwards.   Achieving goals with positive mind control is the way that successful people reach their goals and move even further forward.

Goals are written, objective future conditions that contain a plan to achieve them.   The actual terminology of goals, objectives, plans, and conditions isn”t as important as making a goal and seeing the route toward that goal.   People make goals, communities, churches, businesses and countries have goals.   Achieving goals with positive mind control is dependent upon moving toward completion by accomplishing certain tasks.   All goals can be broken down into achievable tasks that, taken together, bring you toward a successful goal.

Positive mind control is more than positive affirmations or feel good mantra”s that are repeated daily.   Although repetition is effective the person must actually believe that the statements they are repeating are believable and truthful.   Positive affirmations work toward development of a positive self-worth and self-esteem.   Achieving goals with positive mind control goes well beyond positive affirmations to the control of your mind — the most powerful weapon you own.

Feelings of depression, being overwhelmed and drowning are enough to negate any positive affirmations you may have said that morning.   Positive mind control begins with believing that you are worth achieving your goals.   You have an inherent self-worth that goes beyond what the world is telling you.

People who achieve goals with positive mind control believe they are capable and that they are worthy of the goals.   Positive mind control goes beyond blame.   They are not professionals at the blame game but take full responsibility for the events which happen, and their reaction to them.   It isn”t the greater cosmos that affects them but they who affect the greater world.

People who achieve goals with positive mind control do not justify or complain.   Only effort and positive movement toward their goals is evident in their daily lives.   They have written goals they wish to achieve.   Those goals are either specific amounts of money they want to earn, a house they want to live in or a life style they wish to achieve.   Maybe it”s a specific relationship they want to improve or a job they want.

All of the events of a day are filtered through an outlook.   Everyone has a filter built into their minds.   Everyone is capable of changing that filter.   People who achieve goals with positive mind control have a positive filter.   Everything that happens during the day is seen from a different perspective. This isn”t ‘rose colored glasses’ thinking but rather a totally different way of seeing the world.

We all chose how we interpret our world.   Is the glass half empty or half full?  Does the half full glass give us the opportunity to fill it or is it half empty with promises that were never fulfilled?   People who achieve goals with positive mind control see the glass half full giving them the opportunity to fill it even further.   The flat tire they experienced that morning may have delayed their meeting but they met people with whom they networked while waiting for the tow truck.   They create their reality and move forward toward their goals.


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