Nice-to-Know Facts About Happiness

Nice-to-Know Facts About Happiness

Happiness is not easily studied. It’s a qualitative, not quantitative subject and is difficult to evaluate. Yet, in Dr. Paterson’s article, “Nice-to-Know Facts About Happiness” the reader learns ten facts about the importance of happiness in our lives and how we must focus on our happiness to allow ourselves to be happy. The reader learns about the effect of physical activity on happiness, the relationship between mind and body to create our own happiness, and even that happiness is only 50% genetic. The article makes the important point with the ten facts that in order to be happy, we must work on our own happiness!

Key Points:

  • 1Researchers have determined that happier people live longer, fuller lives and they have a greater potential to be more productive at work and generally liked by others.
  • 2Happiness is something that can be achieved with a change in attitude on the part of the person wanting to change. Research has shown that a more positive outlook does a lot in changing a person’s attitude.
  • 3Happiness is wanting what you get in life, instead of getting what you want.

Individuals who want to be happier should develop a plan that details the steps that they can take to achieve that objective, devise a viable strategy for accomplishing their goal, and implement actions to make their plan a reality.

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