Stress and Your Closet

Stress and Your Closet

Are you fed up with the mess you see when you open your closet? Maybe it’s high time that you take time to organize your closet and make it look like a human being is using it.

A closet is a space for storing things, usually a spacious cabinet or recessed area that is utilized for keeping clothes, linens and all sorts of stuff. Closets come in a variety of sizes, but with all of things stored in closets, it is inevitable that with time things get jumbled up and the closet becomes disorganized.

Every day we pull out clothes that we are going to use from our closets. And after the laundry is done, we add these clothes back to our closets. Or we pull out sporting equipment and then put it back after our event. All this changing and moving of contents can lead to a total mess.

1. The very first thing you have to do is to remove everything from your closet. This will give you an idea, in case you have forgotten, of how big a space you have to work with.

While your closet is empty, take the advantage to clean it. You can probably rub it down with a washcloth, soap and water. For a more enticing smell, you can use a scented liquid soap to clean your closet. If that doesn’t freshen the appearance, paint your closet. A nice coat of white paint will make your closet look and feel new and clean.

2. The next thing you have to do is to separate the pieces that you have just removed from your closet. This might be the most difficult part of the task especially if you already have a monstrous mass piled up in your closet. You might even discover things that you thought you’ve lost a long time ago.

When separating the items, it is best to have storage bins at hand to help you do the task easily. You may want to have at least three bins – one to hold the things you will be keeping in your closet, the second bin to hold stuff that will be of no use to you anymore and needs to be thrown away, and the third will be for items that you can recycle, donate or sell in your next garage sale. Eliminate unnecessary items immediately from the house in order to avoid second thoughts about disposing the items.

Needless to say, the only bin that you need to keep here is the one that holds your important stuff and those that you will keep in your closet. These items are your current clothes, underwear, accessories, shoes, and other things that you think you will still be using. The other two bins can be forgotten for now. You can organize them later, after you finish your main task of organizing your closet. Just keep them out of sight so you will not be tempted to look at them again.

3. Now that you have only the essential things that need to be in your closet, it’s time to divide them into categories. Of course, accessories, shoes and clothes should be separated from each other. Your clothes also need to be divided into d