Student Tips To Boost Mental Health While Studying And Taking Classes Remotely

Being a student is extremely stressful. On top of your schoolwork, you need to maintain a social life, play sports, or even work a part-time job. With all these obligations, it can be difficult to find time to take care of your mental health. Plus, with many classes now being held remotely, it can be even harder for a lot of students to relax and step back from their work if they need to.

If you are feeling overworked and need a break, keep reading to learn how to boost your mental health and wellness while studying and taking classes remotely.


Exercise and eat right.

Taking care of your mental health means you need to take care of your body too! The easiest ways to take care of your physical health are by eating healthy and staying active. Having a healthy diet can improve brain function and memory – making you an even better student!

Exercise, on the other hand, is good for relieving some symptoms of depression or anxiety. Staying active means that you will be able to stay focused and keep a clear head during class.

A really good way to help keep on track with diet and exercise is to do it with a friend! You will be much more likely to stick to your diet and exercise goals if you are not doing it alone. Also, hanging out with friends is a great way to help relieve even more stress.


Find a hobby.

Even though you are a student, you should avoid spending all your time studying and doing homework. Take some time out of your day to do something that you love! Whether you like playing video games or reading a book, it is important to take yourself away from your schoolwork.

Spending time on hobbies can drastically improve your mental health and make you a much more effective student! Try to take breaks from your work by spending time on hobbies before you feel yourself getting burnt out to make sure you are staying at peak performance.


Take a prep course.

As a high school student, some of the biggest and most stressful exams you will need to take are the SAT and ACT. Both standardized tests are designed to measure your academic abilities in several areas to help determine your college acceptance.

If you are stressed and your mental health is suffering from the need to study for the ACT exam, try taking a prep course! Prep courses can make studying much easier by adding structure and providing additional resources. These courses are easy to find online, and some schools even have programs themselves to help prepare their students for these exams.

Plus, as an added bonus, the more seriously you take your prep classes and the more work you do in advance to prepare for your exams, the less stressful your exams will be in the future. Put in the hard work now to save yourself tons of stress later!


Talk to your friends and family.

As a student who most likely still lives at home, the most important people in your support group are your friends and family. If you are having a bad week or have a lot of assignments or exams coming up soon, try talking about your stress to someone who you can trust.

Communicating your problems to people you can trust can help immensely with feelings of stress. Try to voice what is making you feel stressed, and if you are lucky, someone is outside insight might help you overcome what has been giving you grief.



If you have a lot of work to do, you might think that the last thing you should do is spend your time helping someone else. This could not be further from the truth! Helping someone in need is a great way to relive stress and make you feel good.

Not to mention, volunteering is a great way to meet people, make connections and build a resumé. If you frequently volunteer for a certain organization, they are likely to give you a strong recommendation for jobs and college applications. You can even talk about the valuable lessons you learned while volunteering to help bolster your chances of getting into college!

Overall, volunteering is a great way to help yourself feel good in the moment, all while preparing yourself for later and eliminating some of the stress associated with college applications.


Find a healthy way to beat stress.

Unfortunately, stress happens to be a part of life for just about anyone. Learning how to healthily cope with your stress is essential for being a good student and keeping up with your grades.

Everybody handles stress differently, so find what works best for you! Some people may find that a good hobby can help relieve some stress, but you can even do things like taking walks or journaling to help cut back on some of your school-related stress.


Do not be afraid to ask for help!

Teachers say this all the time to their students – and for good reason. Teachers and other adults in your school are there to help you. It can be stressful to approach a teacher with a question but remember that they want to see you succeed!

A good teacher will do everything they can to help you deal with your school-related stress. If you need an extension, had trouble on your latest exam or need help with a couple of homework questions, ask your teacher! Often, they will be willing to help you out or even cut you some slack.



Being a student is hard. You might feel like you are constantly being bombarded with assignments and obligations, leaving you stressed and unwilling to do your schoolwork. Before you decide against doing schoolwork ever again, talk with a teacher or another adult and see if they can help you. And remember, to take care of your mind, you need a healthy body – eat right and exercise to keep your body strong!




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