Catch It, Challenge It, Change It! Supporting My Daughter Through Eating Disorder Recovery

Imagine you are in line at the grocery store with your daughter and she picks up a magazine. Without saying a word she notices all the young petite models. Unbeknownst to her those models have been airbrushed, and posed to look the way they do. A few months later you have to terms that your daughter has an eating disorder, and you are blaming yourself, and wondering how this all happened. Know that children perceive the world different, and that in this time of need you can help your child. You can catch the warning signs before it have taken over. You spare a few moments and learn about the issue, so you can help your daughter or son become confident in who they are and want to become with out the label of an eating disorder.

Key Points:

  • 1Catch the bad habit such as an eating disorder or bad attutude before it happens.
  • 2Challenge the bad habit and try to come out successful.
  • 3Change the bad habit so it s no longer a burden in your life.

She will learn to “change” the thought. “Eating this keeps me alive. It’s important for me to live even if it’s only because I know what it would do to my family if I died. I can’t do that to them – not yet, they’re not ready.”

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