Wannarexia: What Parents Can Do

Although there has been little research done on the subject, anorexic yearning is something that exists among teenagers. Called “Wannarexia,” this desire to have an eating disorder could be considered prevalent in America. With celebrities being celebrated for their thin figures and several pro-anorexia websites to be found, Wannarexia could be considered a problem– or an opportunity to restrict their eating habits, for some. Of course, no one can decide that they want to have a disease like an eating disorder. There are several red flags that parents should look out for if their child has a desire to be anorexic, which in itself is not a desirable thing to obtain. Learning more about mental health issues and eating disorders can help a parent discuss anorexia with a child, so that perhaps the parents can tell their offspring that being anorexic is not something they want to be, and why. A parent can also be a good role model to their children, by promoting healthy body image above anorexic body types. Listening, not only for red flags but also just in general, can help a child. Being non-judgmental about physical attributes and also losing the iron grip of control is a good way to promote healthy and good decisions for children.

Key Points:

  • 1Some people wish they could exercise the discipline and control that anorexia sufferers display.
  • 2There is no official or clinical definition for “wannarexia” or “anorexic yearning.”
  • 3You cannot choose to have anorexia; it is a psychological disorder.

Yet some people yearn to have anorexia. This phenomenon is known as “wannarexia” or anorexic yearning (AY)

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