Beyond the Eye Chart Four Reasons Why You Need a Comprehensive Vision Exam This Year

Beyond the Eye Chart Four Reasons Why You Need a Comprehensive Vision Exam This Year

The importance of ones eye health is actually more then what meets the eye (no pun intended). Most people think that they only really need to go to an eye specialist if they can’t see properly enough that it is effecting their daily activities. This couldn’t be further from the truth however. First, you only have one pair of eyes for the rest of your life, and if and when something goes wrong with them, it is usually gradual, unnoticed, and difficult to diagnose. This is due to the gradual progression of which a person usually cannot recognize themselves.

Most cases of serious eye issues beyond just not being able to see very well are diagnosed in the late stages of the disease. This is why it is so important to have an annual exam, so that anything that is found can be addressed as soon as possible and minimize the damage done to your eyes (or other parts as well). Second, a comprehensive exam on your eyes can tell you and your doctor much more about your health then just the condition of your eyes themselves. An comprehensive eye exam by a specialized eye doctor may be able to recognize things long before your regular general practitioner, such as heart issues, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and many other serious medical problems that may not mean your eyes directly. There is a high probability that when getting your annual eye exam you may realize just how much your eyes have changed that you would not have known otherwise.

Key Points:

  • 1A comprehensive vision exam looks at more than just your eyesight, it helps your eye doctor assess your eye health as well as gives insight into your overall physical condition.
  • 2Several common and very serious eye diseases don’t expressly show symptoms until the disease is in advance stages. Earlier detection during an eye exam could lead to a better prognosis.
  • 3Contact lens wearers may need to make adjustments to their prescription, and also the type of lens their wearing as some can cause dryness after long periods of wear.

A comprehensive eye exam can diagnose much more than eye problems or diseases.

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