Easing Your Child into Wearing Glasses

Easing Your Child into Wearing Glasses

Your child will rarely ever clean their own room when you tell them to, so when the eye doctor informed you that your child would need to wear glasses to succeed in school, you knew this was going to be the ultimate challenge. It is overwhelming no doubt, but there are things you can do to make this easier for both you and your child.

First and foremost, you want to give them many choices when picking out their glasses. They will feel better if you make it seem like a way for them to personalize and accessorize with the glasses other then having glasses be a nuisance.

The second thing you can do that will help this process is to have your child take this in small doses. You start with maybe 15 minutes of them wearing the glasses everyday, and then you slowly bump it up every few days until it becomes more of an everyday thing instead of something out of the ordinary.

Another idea to mentally get your child to the mindset that wearing glasses is not so bad is to find celebrities, singers, actors, anyone they idolize that wears glasses on the norm and show them some pictures of these people wearing glasses.

If you feel that there is any issue with how the glasses fit be sure to talk to your child’s doctor to fix the problem and make sure your child is comfortable wearing them.

Lastly be sure to contact their teacher at school so that the teacher is aware that your child needs to be wearing their glasses and is not able to just tell you they are instead of actually doing so.

Key Points:

  • 1Kids respond better to glasses when they get to pick them out on their own.
  • 2Many famous people wear glasses. Tell your child that to inspire him/her.
  • 3Talking to the teacher about your child wearing glasses can help prevent bullying.

Wearing glasses is crucial to ensuring they can learn to the best of their ability. But, as many parents experience, getting your child to actually wear their glasses can seem like a tall order.

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