How Makeup Users Can Prevent Eye Health Problems

How Makeup Users Can Prevent Eye Health Problems

For many, it’s all about how good you look. But what if you can’t even see yourself in the mirror; is that price worth the cost of beauty? Makeup can enhance beauty, or even cover up something you wish to minimize, but if not used properly and carefully around the eyes it can lead to serious medical issues that could be quite serious.

When foreign substances get into the eyes, it can cause a host of problems. The simplest might be irritation, but even that can lead to redness, swelling, or even significant injury. Those same foreign bodies could lead to an allergic reaction, or even cause an infection. That would definitely defeat the purpose of makeup; as few are going to notice how fabulous you look when your eyes are bloodshot and swollen.

Even when makeup is carefully kept out of the eye, it can cause other issues as well. Fungal infections and bacterial growth can occur if makeup is not properly cleaned from the skin; the cosmetic layers of powder, cream, and pigment can give these potentially dangerous growths a hospitable environment to multiply. The same goes for makeup brushes, sponges, and other applicators; if they’re not cleaned regularly they can become a source of not just icky dirt, but serious infection.

Key Points:

  • 1Besides getting pretty eyes, eye-makeup wearers can get eye infections, injuries and allergic reactions.
  • 2Ditch cosmetics by the use by date, or bacteria and fungi could infest your product and cause you harm.
  • 3Clean all brushes and applicators regularly to ensure that they remain free of bacteria.

You can also avoid tempting fate by wearing makeup only on the distal, or outside, lash margin—and never inside, where you might introduce bacteria to the ocular surface

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