A Weed Killer Is Increasingly Showing Up in People’s Bodies

A recent study has shown that residents of communities where Roundup is often used as a weed killer have a byproduct of a toxic agent in their bloodstreams. This compound is called glyphosate, which was found out to have some health hazards based on the tests done in animal trials.  It is indeed alarming since the people in the study use the weed killer in growing the foods that they eat.

Research has shown that glyphosate causes liver damage and there are plans to study the incidence of exposed humans and liver disease. Representatives from Monsanto, the company that manufactures Roundup, deny that there are any health risks to the people exposed to it.

The problem lies in the fact that the longer these weed killers are used, the more resistant the weeds become to the effects of the weed killers (Roundup has been around since the 70s). This, in essence, means that more of the weed killer will be used exposing more people to the possible harmful effects. The levels of the chemical found in the bloodstreams of those tested were significantly higher than the rats that were studied.

Researchers hope to make people more aware of the health risks they may be exposed to over the last few decades especially because there is little to no scientific literature previously published.

Key Points:

  • 1 Weed killers have glyphosate which is a chemical that can cause liver disease.
  • 2  Many studies are being done to prove that glyphosate is harmful to people.
  • 3  If weeds are getting resistant to roundup causing people to use more of it what harm are they doing to our bodies.

Growers are using more Roundup, which could only exacerbate potential negative health effects on people who consume those products.

See the original at  https://time.com/4993877/weed-killer-roundup-levels-humans/

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