5 Jobs That Allow You To Make A Real Difference

There are many things to consider when looking for a career path that you can be passionate about. Salary, job security, and the best use of your natural talents and inclinations would all presumably be taken into account. Furthermore, such things will rank differently in order of importance to different people.

When your top priority is to find a career path that will allow you to make a real difference in your community and in society in general, your choices for jobs become a bit more clear. The goal of using your skills and talents for the betterment of society can allow you to see more definitively where the best use of those talents might lie.

Depending on your level of education and experience, you might very easily find a job that is fulfilling in this way and that allows you to contribute to a better tomorrow. Moreover, demand for such jobs is usually quite high, meaning that you will have ample opportunity to consider where your talents can be put to the best use.

If you are currently debating what career path to take in your own life but know already that you want a job that is geared towards helping others, here are five such jobs that you can consider that will allow you to make a real difference.

1. Emergency Services

Have you ever wondered exactly who it is that gets called in whenever an emergency or natural disaster strikes the community? While police officers and first responders are undoubtedly given some of the most important jobs in such scenarios, there are many other individuals both behind the scenes and on the frontlines who work to help those in the community during emergencies.

You might consider earning an emergency management degree online. Such a degree will equip you with extensive knowledge about the nature of natural disasters and the best methods of how to prepare for and combat them when they do arise. A great deal of management, planning, and researching goes into such a job. In the end, you can find yourself doing critical work that will be put to good use in the event of an emergency.

2. Education

One key sector that doesn’t have nearly enough qualified professionals to go around is that of education. Despite the best efforts of those at the top, there simply are never enough teachers and educators to go around.

While there are various reasons attributed to this reality, the fact remains that teaching is one of the most important jobs that a person can have in society, and the more people who find it possible to dedicate their talents to such a job, the better.

There are many different jobs that you can consider within the world of education. While working as a teacher in the classroom is the most traditional position, other areas such as administration and curriculum development also serve important purposes. A career in education can be an excellent way to use your abilities directly to help improve society.

3. Social Work

Social workers play a direct role in helping to improve the lives and wellbeing of those within the community who are struggling. Social workers aim to help people in a number of different ways ranging from getting them access to help with mental health conditions to giving them resources to remove themselves from harmful or abusive situations.

As a social worker, you might choose to work with children, adults, or the elderly. Each of these demographics are in need of advocates who can help them get the help they need to better their lives and move on to better situations.

Bear in mind that the job of a social worker is not for the faint of heart. It can, in fact, be quite a thankless and difficult job to have. That being said, it is also incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to know that the work you are doing every day helps to make people within the community safer, healthier, and happier.

4. Assisted Living

It is no secret that one of the more underserved demographics in society today in regard to medical health and general care is the elderly. With a growing elderly population, there is a shortage of qualified nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers who are dedicated to geriatrics.

If you are looking for a career that will allow you to act in direct service to those in your community who need help the most, you should consider working in an assisted living or nursing home setting. There are a variety of jobs within such settings that need to be filled so that the older members of society can receive the care and attention that they need.

In order to keep an assisted living facility running smoothly, there needs to be on staff everything from chefs who can design menus and cook specifically with the elderly in mind, technicians who can deliver routine medical care such as the distribution of medications and physical therapy, as well as cleaning staff who work to keep the facility as pristine and comfortable for the residents as possible.

If there is a way in which you can use your talents in an assisted living setting, you will surely be doing great work to help make a difference in your community.

5. Emergency Call Dispatcher

If you are more inclined to work behind the scenes, why not consider a job as an emergency call dispatcher? When someone rings for emergency services, there needs to be a calm and level-headed individual answering that call and helping to dispatch the necessary first-responders.

This is a job that will require you to remain calm under pressure and have the ability to take control of a situation. Ultimately, you will be the line between a person in crisis and the help they desperately need in an emergency situation. There is no denying the critical importance that emergency call dispatchers play in society.



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