Happy Health – Injecting Some Fun Into Your Fitness Regimen

The rise of structured fitness has taken the magic out of staying fit. Once upon a time, it was up to us to design a fitness regimen that made sense for our lifestyle and bodies. Here we explored all kinds of practices, gauging what works and what can be tweaked in future sessions. Then came group fitness, and no one explored their own active interests anymore. If you find yourself mindlessly working out, and in need of a fun injection, here are some sweaty ideas to get you smiling. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Functional fitness

Functional fitness is anything that trains your body to perform daily life activities, easily and with strength. Riding bikes takes functional fitness to a different level, offering function fitness while being… well, functional. This is an exercise that will train your legs, core and arms – all while getting you to work on time. It’s hard not to have fun when riding, and it’s one of the most present activities you can enjoy. If the idea of road riding doesn’t instill great excitement, go off track. Take in the sights on a mountain ride, or work on your pace while cycling through a rainforest. Bike riding can be as rogue or regimented as you like, so find what’s most fun.

Water sports

Oh yeah, you probably didn’t see that one coming. Water sports are an underrated fitness activity, and one that comes with a slice of adventure. The greatest part about water sports is that you can target different muscle groups in every activity you choose. Paddle boarding will require unwavering core strength, while kayaking will demand more from your arms. With a little planning, water sports could be something you add to your fitness regimen year round. Just try and avoid getting wet in winter, unless that’s a fun prospect!


Have you noticed that pole dancing is now all the rage? Not to mention the number of salsa classes that are opening up in the suburbs. Dance is no longer restricted to Friday and Saturday nights. People are moving to music to keep fit, and experimenting with all different styles of dance. If you are one to break out into a bounce at the first sign of music, this could be what you need to get fit and have fun at the same time.

Group sport

Forget the gym, and stop pounding pavement on a run that you don’t enjoy. Nothing will get your heart rate up like competitive group sport. It doesn’t matter if it’s netball, football, or tennis – this physical activity will never feel like a chore. If you’re a bit timid getting started, sign up with your friends or build a team from scratch. It’s also a great way of socialising throughout the week with old and new friends, all while breaking a sweat.


When was the last time you swam? Like, really swam? For many people, high school was the last time they put on a cap and took on 50m laps. It’s such a shame, because swimming is such an invigorating activity and one that can be quite fun if you take it out of the pool and into the ocean. It promotes great cardiovascular health, while isolating and working critical muscle.


Whoever said keeping fit wasn’t fun had never taken the time to find their niche. Like anything in life, a good mix of physical activity options will remove the chance of you getting board or longing to quit. Keeping your fitness spontaneous and fun will have you glowing in no time.


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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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