Here’s How to Travel When You Have Arthritis

Here’s How to Travel When You Have Arthritis

Arthritis doesn’t have to leave you stuck at home. You can still travel, still live a full life, even if your joints might make it a bit more challenging than it once used to be. As summer rolls up upon us, now that the holidays have retreated for another year, many of us think of fun in the sun and hitting the road to see some sights. While it can be fun and exciting, it can also be a little stressful too, and when you have arthritis you might be worried striking out on an adventure could be a bit of a problem. Don’t sweat it; just plan ahead and enjoy your trip.

It starts with basic precautions that you are probably already aware of and implementing in your regular daily routines. It might be a walking aid like a cane, but when you’re away from home for travel it perhaps could lead to renting a wheelchair or scooter being a useful idea. When it comes to travel, that sometimes means waiting in lines, and the ability to sit could ease your condition while you’re working through a check in at the airport. If you have identification or registrations that indicate your mobility restrictions, bringing them to show to travel personnel might be helpful so they can know how to best assist you.

Key Points:

  • 1If traveling by plane pack all medications in a separate bag in the original prescription bottles.
  • 2Get to the airport early and if necessary, rent a scooter or wheelchair to assist you with mobility while navigating the airport.
  • 3Pack wisely by bringing along a lumbar cushion or neck pillow, as well as ace bandages, knee braces, and other items you need to alleviate discomfort while traveling.

Vacations are nice — but vacations without pain are even better.

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