Increase Core Strength With Everyday Activities

Working on your core can be tricky! Not everyone has the time to hit the gym or go to a yoga class. But, did you know that you can do these simple techniques everyday to strengthen your core without hitting the gym? HealthStatus has laid out some ways to increase your core power with everyday activities.

1. Swap Your Desk Chair With A Balance Ball

By using a balance or exercise ball at work instead of a chair helps improve your core strength just by working at your desk!   By merely sitting, balancing, and bouncing on an exercise ball, you’re strengthening your back and stomach muscles, improving your posture, and increasing your balance and stability.

2. Stretch in Bed

Before you go to bed and right when you wake up, many people’s first instinct is to stretch out their body! Easy and simple stretches, lik lying flat on your back, tightening your core muscles, and letting your kneels fall slowly to each side, can help strengthen your core.

3. Put the Groceries Away

Carrying bags from your car to the house, lifting heavy cans into cupboards, and squatting to reach lower cabinets can all be used to strengthen your core. Make sure you’re lifting and lowering heavy items the correct way, not straining your back and using your legs for power. Who knew the hassle of going to the grocery store could actually be a workout?

4. Take the Stairs

Not only does taking the stairs increase core muscle strength, it also burns calories, strengthens your heart, and sculpts your body. Next time you’re waiting around for the elevator to come to your floor, think about how your body would benefit from climbing those floors instead of riding up to them.

Going to the gym every single day can be a struggle, but adding these everyday activities to your daily workout routine can help strengthen core muscles and improve your back pain in no time!

HealthStatus has more fitness tips and techniques to get your core muscles.


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