Think You Don’t Need Houseplants? Science Says Different.

Think You Don’t Need Houseplants? Science Says Different.

Green spaces have been shown to significantly affect mood and overall mental function in a positive manner. Having an environment made more pleasant by plants and other greenery helps relax and soothe you, and that contributes to lower stress levels and a better ability to stay focused and alert.

Psychologists have confirmed that being around plants reduces tension, both mental as well as physical. Part of it has to do with the microbes present in potting soil, which tend to help boost your body’s production of serotonin. These “outdoorphins” directly contribute to a boost in positive mood.

Plants tend to help maintain higher air quality. Some buildings need all the help they can get when it comes to keeping the air clean and good for breathing. Plants are able to filter toxins and some particulate matter from the air, keeping you breathing easier. Plants also tend to help the air stay moist by a regular release of water as part of their biological processes. Dry air can be irritating, even damaging in some cases; so some level of humidity counters that and contributes to the overall positive benefits of having plants nearby.

Finally, researchers from Texas A&M have findings that link plants to enhanced cognitive function. Workers with plants in their offices were shown to have as much as fifty percent better ratings for qualities such as productivity and concentration.

Key Points:

  • 1They increase air quality helping to add oxygen and screen out carbon dioxide in the air.
  • 2They’re also great at absorbing mold and bacteria through their root systems.
  • 3They naturally release moisture into the air acting as a home humidifier.

A significant amount of scientific evidence suggests that being around greenery can stave off stress, elevate mood and improve cognitive function, among other things.
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