Top 10 Yoga Apps for College Students

Top 10 Yoga Apps for College Students

Yoga is only becoming popular with time. Thanks to the tremendous benefits it offers to those who practice it, both in physical and mental ways, yoga has become one of the all-time favorite activities of many people around the world. Right now, it’s also easily accessible thanks to the Internet and your smart device. In this article, you’ll find the best yoga app to help you get your om on.

1.     Pocket Yoga

This app is extremely affordable and really popular among those who want to learn yoga. It’s basically an instructor you can keep in your pocket. When you turn the app on, you can learn from illustrated images that teach you the correct alignment and posture, or study the dictionary that teaches you the poses’ techniques and benefits. Moreover, the app has detailed voice instructions that will guide you through each breath you take.

2.     Daily Yoga

According to students, this is the best free yoga app to use. Unless you want to opt for in-app purchases, you can watch the hundreds of asanas and class plans free of charge. If you’re searching for a recommended app, just like I search for someone to write an essay for me, finding a high-rated solution is always the best idea.

With the Daily Yoga app, you can go through over 50 different workout plans and read their regularly updated content.

3.     Universal Breathing Pranayama

This yoga app is specifically tailored to provide you with stress relief and teach you how to mediate properly. It teaches you that yoga isn’t just good for improving your flexibility. Basically, it’s an app that focuses on yoga’s meditative side. With this app, you’ll master the best breathing techniques and improve your sleep, blood pressure, and your stamina.

4.     Yoga Studio

When you’re having a trouble focusing on the exams that are due or finding the best persuasive essay ideas for your assigned essay, download the free app called Yoga Studio. This app features over 120 videos that range from five minutes to one hour. Start small and move forward. Once you understand yoga better, you can even build a class pose by pose.

5.     5 Minute Yoga

Time is tight for most people, especially students who simply have too much to juggle. If you can’t find the time to exercise or simply relax, download this app. It has sessions that are never longer than five minutes, so it won’t take away your time. However, it will give you a chance to