Quality Of Life Expectancy Starts With Better Dementia Care

Most people think about their golden years in terms of their retirement savings. Will they have enough money to live comfortably and maybe even take a few trips? Will their money last as long as their lifespan? These are difficult enough things to predict, but one thing that no one thinks about is their quality of life expectancy.

People are living longer, and as a result there are more cases of dementia being diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately the level of care that is needed for these patients is often not being met. People don’t plan ahead to get dementia, and as a result their care is often thrown together haphazardly by overwhelmed relatives.

There are some major advancements being made in dementia care around the world, however. One nursing home in Germany built a fake bus stop so that when patients felt the need to leave they would have someplace safe to go until they calmed down. Other dementia care units emphasize things like painting the doors to look like the resident’s former home to encouraging independent living to having green spaces to encourage calmness.

Learn more about the special needs of dementia patients and advancements in care from this infographic!

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