2 Ways the Keto Diet Can Positively Impact Your Dental Health

Did you know “keto” was the most Googled food-related subject in the world in 2020? There were a total of 25.4 million searches for the term.

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a high-fat, minimal-carb, and adequate-protein dietary plan designed to get the body to burn fats over carbs. It’s also big business. Statista says the keto diet space could reach a $12 billion valuation by 2028.

While you may have heard about how the keto diet can help people lose weight, did you know it can help cut down on bacterial activity? The diet can provide some dental health benefits.

Dental Health Benefits

Continue reading to learn about two ways a keto diet can help with oral health and tips for taking care of your teeth when on a keto diet.

1. Lessens Bacteria

Did you know you have 20 billion bacteria in your mouth? But when you follow the keto diet, which calls for cutting down on carbohydrates and avoiding sugar, you can reduce the bacteria in your mouth.

Lessens Bacteria

The bacteria in your mouth love sugar. You can avoid infection, tooth decay, and cavities by reducing sugar consumption.

2. Prevents Gum Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gum disease is an inflammatory condition that negatively impacts structures that support your teeth. Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss. 46% of adults who are 30 years old or older show symptoms of gum disease. Meanwhile, 9% of adults have severe gum disease.

Prevents Gum Disease

As was mentioned above, the keto diet doesn’t specifically fight periodontal disease. But consuming less sugar means bacteria won’t thrive as much. So, if you have gum disease, a keto diet can make it easier to treat the disease and reduce infection risks.

Oral Health Tips When on a Keto Diet

When on a keto diet, there are things you can do to ensure your teeth are well cared for. One tip is to consume enough water every day. Men should drink around 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluid daily, while women should drink approximately 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) daily. If your water consumption is in the neighborhood of these guidelines, you’re likely okay on that front.

Oral Health Tips When on a Keto Diet

You should also brush your teeth twice daily and incorporate flossing into your oral health game plan. What you eat is also vital. Go for a healthy variety of foods under the keto umbrella to get sufficient nutrients. It’s also essential to see your dentist regularly for checkups, teeth cleanings, or whenever you experience oral health issues that require professional intervention.

Whether or not you are following a keto diet, you may sometimes experience oral health issues that require booking a dentist appointment sooner rather than later.

For instance, if you’re unhappy about the aesthetics of your smile, have trouble biting or chewing, or just want to boost your quality of life, consider dental implants. It’s one dental procedure that can help give you a new lease on life if oral health issues are plaguing you.

Keto Can Be Good for Your Health

A keto diet can work wonders for people looking to shed pounds quickly. Tens of millions of Americans each year take on the keto challenge. While most people who follow it do so to lose weight fast, it can also benefit your oral health. Consult with a dental practice near you if you have any questions about your teeth and what you can do to enjoy better oral health.


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