5 Easy Ways To Find A Good Doctor

Anyone can find themselves needing to find a new doctor. Perhaps you moved to a new area or your former doctor moved away or no longer takes your insurance. Perhaps he or she retired. There may have been some kind of problem that left you not wanting to return to a doctor’s care. Whatever the […]

What Is The Role Of Plastic Surgery In Global Health?

The global burden of surgical disease is substantially growing. Conditions that are treated using reconstructive and plastic procedures makes a huge portion of the global surgical disease. Unfortunately, these diseases affect those in the lower level of the economic spectrum.

Live A Healthy Life By Avoiding These Traps

We all have good intentions. It seems like everyone wants to live a healthy life. It’s common to hear well-intentioned folks ramble on about reaping the rewards that flow from being conscientious, doing the right thing, avoiding destructive behaviors, and making healthful choices. Is it all just talk, or can we really live fuller, longer, […]

7 Common Reasons Individuals Visit A Dental Clinic

Many people visit a dental clinic for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are preventive, for maintenance, while others are for getting some dental work done. If you or someone you know is missing one or more teeth or is suffering from some kind of a dental problem, you should consider visiting a dental […]

Thyroid Disease In Children