What Exactly Is “Clean Beauty?”

One of the most significant components of the personal care industry is “clean beauty,” but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. The term “clean beauty,” like the term “natural,” isn’t defined by the FDA, thus there aren’t any production standards or transparency to inform buyers whether an item is “clean” or not. Clean cosmetic products continue to gain appeal despite the ambiguities. These products have the potential to have a major positive impact on both human and environmental well-being.

The graphic that goes with it defines the term and offers tips on how to choose clean beauty products for your everyday beauty routine.

As the resource points out, clean beauty has a simple definition: it is nontoxic. Clean beauty products can contain natural, synthetic, eco-friendly, and preservative-free ingredients, as long as none of the ingredients are toxic. This is an important subject that many people can get confused about. We can’t use terms like “natural” and “clean beauty” interchangeably, and we can’t assume that all synthetic ingredients are bad. A preservative can be synthetic and safe, yet an ingredient can be natural and dangerous.

This graphic does a fantastic job of expressing the most important facts to help consumers make informed decisions about clean beauty products. However, buyers must do further research and analysis to acquire a precise and reliable grasp of which things are actually clean beauty. Please see the link below for more information about clean beauty products and why you should start using them right away.

Take a look at the infographic made by  NF Skin  to learn more about clean beauty.



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