Can You Succeed In Business If You Don’t Drink?

The article focuses on the hardship of trying to fit in in social or work related situations, giving helpful hints on how to keep your sobriety and staying true to your decision. In the article they give you smart and simple ways to help you do so as well as things you can do your self to minimize your surroundings as to not be so exposed to alcohol so your not to be enticed by it. They even give you short and simple phrases or gestures you could do when confronted with the notion to have a drink. The article states that you should not shy away from social gatherings or work meetings due to your new way of living, instead it says you should go just have a plan inside your head of what to do and say to maintain good standing with the decision you have made and to not falter

Key Points:

  • 1Drinking alcoholic beverages is considered to be a normal part of conducting business but it doesn’t mean everyone has to partake.
  • 2Deciding to reduce drinking in your life does not mean your business career has to suffer.
  • 3Key was to reduce drinking include: say yes, but steer away from drinking, discover alternative drinks, learn how to phrase your excuses better, practice one-liner excuses, learn how to change the subject gracefully.

Focus on building camaraderie and rapport and show that you can be just as much of an insider whether you’re drinking or not.

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