The Good News About Elder Fraud

If you have elderly parents like I do elderly fraud is a threat we all know too well. Scamming people take advantage of the elderly new to the environment by stealing precious information and ruining their credit and bankrupting them. The victim can only pick up the pieces after because by the time he or she notices the fraud it is too late. How can we be sure that a scammer will not take advantage of our parents on the internet? The scary news is that in past years there hasn’t really been much we could do or that the government was doing to try to alleviate this situation. Fortunately the government is starting to change that.

Organizations like AARP, IPT and some financial services firms are making efforts to end this problem. The results are actually showing that the situation is getting better. A recent poll shows that elderly who have been taken advantage of has dropped 3% in the last year. This may not be a huge drop but it is significant. The article believes this is due to a more concentrated focus on select targets by scammers and initiatives by doctors and other personnel to make sure the elderly are prepared to handle their finances. The only concern is that many elderly might be just too embarrassed to step forward which can cause a lot of problems for the future of this investigation.

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The Good News About Elder Fraud


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